May 30, 2024

5 in 1 Spotlight

Whether it’s a job interview or a public presentation, you may feel self-conscious in social situations. The feeling that everyone is evaluating you and noticing your flaws can make anxiety levels soar.

Employee spotlights can boost morale and help teams get to know one another better. Various formats, like written profiles, video interviews and Q&A sessions, allow you to choose what best suits your team and company culture.

Product Description

Featuring a modern design, this 5-in-1 spotlight is perfect for any lighting application. It features a sleek, durable metal frame and is available in multiple color temperatures. It also includes a ground stake and connector clip for easy installation.

This 5-in-1 light has a tight-beam long-throw spotlight for distance illumination, as well as a wide-beam close area floodlight. The floodlight can be turned on simultaneously with the spotlight for dual illumination of nearby objects.

The high CRI white and saturated color are achieved from a single point source LED, with individually controllable R/G/B/Tungsten/Daylight channels. The 10 examples below only scratch the surface of what is possible with this reflector, but by going through these exercises repeatedly you will begin to notice how the reflector changes the light in a given situation and be able to employ it to your advantage.

Product Features

Featuring the latest in LED technology, this hands-free Task Light is made from solid brass with an antique bronze finish that will age beautifully and has toolless adjustability. This multi-functional Task Light offers multiple ways to be used for illumination including a spot light mode, floodlight mode and dual lights mode.

A spotlight mode produces a tight, long-throw beam designed for distance illumination while a floodlight mode produces a wide pattern 5 in 1 spotlight of close area illumination. Both modes can be turned on at the same time for a combined effect or independently switched on and off. This unique Task Light also includes a built in, manual dimming push button that allows the user to set the ideal illumination level based on the application without the need for a remote control.

The pointer function on this Spotlight is unique as well – gone are the days of red or green laser dots that may not work on TV screens (now that more presentations are being presented from laptops). Instead, there is now a spotlight symbol that appears on the screen that can be enlarged and positioned to any size desired. A secondary pointer function is also available – a magnifying glass or coloured circle that can be positioned and sized as well.

The lack of rigidity on the Offroad Led Light Bar Spotlight also means that it can be shaped to mould the light and fill in areas that may not have been affected by a flat reflector. This can be particularly useful on a subject who has a double chin or other area that you’d like to highlight.

Product Specifications

The 5-in-1 spotlight is designed to be both a spot light and a floodlight. Its tight, long-throw spotlight beam is perfect for distance illumination, while the floodlight beam is ideal for closer areas of illumination. The two beams can be operated at the same time, allowing for both distance and close-area lighting.

This model also features a special design that allows the spotlight to be easily dimmed manually by using the built-in push button (dims in 20% intervals). Its solid brass construction and natural bronze finish provide a lifetime of durability and beauty. This LED spotlight fixture is a great option for lighting water features, gardens and traditional landscape settings.

A key feature of this model is that it can be controlled via a wireless RF remote control (sold separately). The remote has the ability to choose between high, medium and low illumination without having to toggle through these settings with the trigger. This is a huge advantage over other models on the market that require the user to do this manually by holding down the trigger for 10 seconds.

You can also control this set of lights with the Atlas LED rotary dimmer, the Novex push dimmer, the Moon remote control or Hamulight app (sold separately). To make your task lights smarter, add one of these control options to your order.

Product Warranty

SPECIAL NOTE: Warranty is null and void in the event of abuse, misuse, or use for purposes other than intended.

Designed for manual dimming, the LED spotlight is easy to set at your preferred illumination level. The built-in push button allows for 5 stages (20% intervals) of dimming, allowing you to fine-tune your lighting as per the requirements of your work.

The reflector’s lack of rigidity, also makes it easy to shape the light, and help fill in shadows that may not be affected by a flat reflector. Be careful using this technique on subjects with a double chin though, as it will highlight it and make it stand out more than it would otherwise.

Made from solid brass with a beautiful antique bronze finish, this hand-free task light is sturdy and durable and will last for a lifetime. It can be stood up on its own or clamped around most surfaces and materials up to 2 in. thick. This LED spotlight can be controlled using the included remote control or mobile phone APP. Using the 2.4GHz wireless remote control or the paired WiFi iBOX, you can easily change the color, brightness, saturation, and temperature of the lighting. This product is backed by a manufacturer’s limited one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Additional limited warranties may apply based on regional laws.

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