May 30, 2024

Moving Head Light Supplier

Moving head lights are an excellent choice for live shows because they can create a range of different effects. They are also compact and lightweight, making them easy to use. They also have a long lifespan and provide instant start-up.

Whether you need a Spot lyre, Wash lyre, or Beam lyre, Blue Sea lighting factory can supply the perfect solution for your production. Moreover, these LED projectors can be controlled by a DMX board to the rhythm of music for an amazing result.


Innovating the first modern moving head luminaire for entertainment, Vari-Lite has earned three Grammy awards, multiple patents and industry accolades, and the devotion of designers worldwide. Its full range of advanced, energy-efficient LED luminaires, control systems and power solutions deliver the flawless light quality, reliability and versatility required for all types of high impact visual productions.

Designed to meet demand for smaller, lighter, and more reliable moving head luminaires, the VL5 addressed many of the concerns with early Series 300 models, such as the unreliability of the APS lamp power supply. An X-mod upgrade to the APS unit dramatically reduced the incidence of APS-related lamp strikes and iris problems.

Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting offers a wide range of cutting edge LED effect lights for clubs, DJs and mobile applications. Their products are easy to use and backed by an impressive 2-year warranty.

The Snowball(tm) DMX effect light features 4x super bright 3W Red/Green/Blue/White LEDs that deliver captivating room-filling effects. It’s easy to control using the convenient built-in 4-button LED control panel or a DMX controller and includes 19 built-in auto and sound active programs.

The Mikrokassette(tm) fixture is part of the Mixtape Series line of affordable & high-quality lighting effects. It features RGBW color mixing, strobe & fade modes, 540/270deg motorized pan & tilt, and is controllable via 9/11-channels DMX or run in automatic / sound active mode.

Elation Professional

Featuring the latest LED technology, Elation Professional products are used in some of the most well-known events in the world. The company’s versatile Moving head light supplier lighting solutions help to redefine entertainment experiences by delivering powerful visuals that are unforgettable and impactful.

Elation’s Fuze Wash 500 is a full-spectrum LED Fresnel moving head designed for theater, television, events and other precision applications that require outstanding colors, a wide zoom range, and a soft field of light. It also offers a full feature set and intelligent lamp technology.

The Platinum FLX is a 3-in-1 hybrid spot, beam and wash luminaire that delivers clear advantages over traditional multi-function fixtures. It uses patent-pending dual optical systems to deliver extremely powerful beams and sharp gobos with a broad range of effects.

Martin Professional

Martin’s MAC moving head fixtures are used around the world by lighting designers who rely on them for flawless performance and versatile feature sets. They are designed to be easy to rig and handle, take up less truck space and deliver more output than other comparable fixtures.

With long LED lifetimes and a comprehensive spare parts program, Martin products remain viable throughout their working lives. They are also designed to be easily refreshed with new firmware for enhanced performance without the need to retire the fixture.

The company’s yoke handles are strategically located to provide a comfortable grip and reduce stress on the wrist. Its sophisticated cooling system ensures an operational temperature window and sets a standard for quiet operation, making it ideal for noise-sensitive broadcast and theater stage lighting applications.


Chauvet offers top-tier entertainment lighting solutions, controllers and accessories designed specifically for mobile performers, DJs, clubs, and corporate events. Its CHAUVET DJ, Iluminarc, Kino Flo, ChamSys, and Trusst brands lead their respective market segments in terms of value, innovation, and options.

The COLORado 1QS is an LED wash light that delivers a full spectrum of rich, homogenized output from a single, high-power RGBW LED source. A 17deg beam angle allows versatile control, and 16 bit-dimming facilitates smooth fades. An IP65 outdoor-rated power and data connector system streamlines rigging. The unit also features rocket-quick movements for impressive aerial effects.

Clay Paky

Clay Paky is in contact with lighting designers and lighting specifiers through their distribution network worldwide. This ensures that they are aware of all the needs, expectations and dreams for their equipment, which allows them to develop innovative solutions and provide users with the most creative tools.

A new compact IoT John Deere LED Work Light device that opens up information, diagnostics and remote assistance for Claypaky fixtures. This helps to optimize maintenance operations and reduce overall electrical consumption.

Designed to meet the most demanding users Claypaky have integrated the FX into the Midi-B wash light, making it ideal for stage set designs. Combined with its impressive beam and wash capabilities, this is an essential piece of kit for any event.

Robe Lighting

Robe’s innovative iSeries fixtures provide consistent performance with minimal maintenance and without the need for complicated gobos or filters. Their patented Optical Cleaning System greatly reduces airborne dust over the optics and the innovative iBOLT combines long throw output with effects capabilities in a weatherized package!

Amongst the many exciting new developments, this year saw the launch of the powerful IP65-rated iESPRITE and a range of other iSeries products which are designed to cope with challenging environments. These include the iFORTE FS which is an excellent modern replacement for traditional outdoor searchlight fixtures and provides much more power, features and effects in a far smaller package!

High End Systems

High End Systems products are trusted by professional lighting designers around the world for their reliability and performance. Their DMX controllers have led the industry in large-scale automated lighting control and are designed for programming efficiency and ease of use. Their moving lights deliver punchy beams, saturated washes, and spectacular effects that elevate shows.

Their DLHD Digital Light is the first High Definition integrated moving digital light on the market. It merges video projection and automated lighting technologies in a single fixture, eliminating the need for expensive video infrastructure and long setup times. It features a powerful HD onboard media server and various edge blending options.

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