May 30, 2024

LED Wash Lights for Car Washes

Colorful LED lighting catches customers’ eyes, amplifying your carwash’s branding and creating memorable experiences. It also helps customers feel safer, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

DMX (Digital Multiplexing) control allows wash lights to be programmed to produce custom effects and colours at the push of a button. They can also be set up in master/slave synchronisation.

DMX Control

DMX control is the system that transmits digital signals that operate LED lights in unison to produce numerous effects. This system operates on low voltage and is energy efficient, which makes it ideal for lighting in the home or workplace.

The first step to take when considering DMX control is to determine how many different fixtures you want to control. Each fixture will require a DMX address Led wash lights via a DMX decoder/driver and will need to be programmed to specific channels based on their specifications. For example, if a fixture requires 3 channels for its colour, then it will need to be programmed on channel 9, whereas if a fixture needs 1 channel then it will need to be programmed on address 13.

Once the individual fixtures have been assigned their DMX addresses, they can then be connected to each other. Each fixture will receive a packet of data every 70-90 milliseconds which contains either the same packet content (for levels to remain the same) or changed packet contents (for lighting transitions and effects).

There are a range of different dmx wall controllers that can be used to make real-time adjustments to the lighting. They can be controlled using buttons, knobs or touchscreens and have pre-set lighting modes that allow you to create a variety of mesmerising scenes.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Many people like to use DMX in master/slave mode with compatible fixtures to create a better, more coordinated light show. This is incredibly simple, just set one fixture as the master and then connect other compatible fixtures to it (Light 1 Out to Light 2 In, Light 2 Out to Light 3 In, etc). Start the program on the first fixture, and the rest will follow, giving you a very impressive, synchronized light display.

Master/slave chaining can be used for both automated and sound-activated patterns. The best part is that you can run all your compatible lights on the same line, reducing the number of cables needed to connect all your lights together.

Some of the commands include a “zone ID” command, which allows the communications module 32 to inform the driver module 30 of the zone in which it resides; a “color temperature” command, which allows the communications module 32 or the driver module 30 to instruct the LED array 20 to drive the LEDs in a manner that generates a particular color temperature; and a “report” command, which is used to report information to the communications module 32 about the operation of the LED array 20. The report may include status and performance data, such as current brightness, current color temperature, and operating state. The report may also include a list of the available commands for the LED array 20.

Colour Changing

Color changing wash lights add a vibrant element to any space. They can be used to highlight different elements of the architecture of a building or to attract attention and interest to certain areas. The lights are a Round LED Headlight great way to show pride in sports teams, holidays or other special events, and they can even be used in self-serve car washes to help draw customers into the store and add an exciting visual display while they wait.

Linear options like LED tape, Neon Flex and cove lights are popular additions to lighting projects that need a more refined look. These fixtures come in a variety of lengths and can be cut on-site to fit any space. They also come in a variety of colors and can be controlled with a DMX controller to provide instant synchronization.

DMX, or digital multiplex, is a standard protocol for controlling professional lighting devices. DMX controls use 4 wires or 5 wires to transmit data over 512 channels that make up one universe (DMX512). This allows all LED’s or lamps connected to the same DMX decoder or controller to change color simultaneously. Alternatively, they can be controlled in digital pixel mode where individual pixels can change colors independently. The CHAUVET DJ COLORband Q3BT is a full-size linear quad-color (RGBA) wash light with built-in DMX control and Bluetooth wireless technology. This fixture features a programmable color wheel, automated and sound-activated modes, and pre-programmed flash, color chase, sequential color chase and color mixing patterns.


If you’re looking to illuminate your car wash or any other outdoor structure for a dramatic effect, you’ll want to look for lights that are water resistant. If a light isn’t waterproof, it could become damaged by water or even the chemicals used to wash cars, which would shorten its life span. For this reason, we recommend vaporproof or IP rated lights.

The vapor proof design is especially important for car wash lights, as it prevents corrosive gasses from entering the fixture and affecting performance. Our IP rated lights, on the other hand, are great for general outdoor use. They’re also designed to withstand dust and other debris. You’ll be able to find a range of different colours, brightness levels, and pan/zoom mechanisms for added functionality, too.

LED stage lighting is ideal for car wash lighting because it uses 80% less voltage than a halogen light, which means you’ll see significant money savings on your electricity bill. In addition, LED lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, so they’ll last longer than a traditional fixture. We offer a wide range of waterproof LED stage lights to suit any environment, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Narrowing down your options can seem daunting, but we’re happy to create a free lighting plan for you to help you make the best decision.

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