May 30, 2024

5 in 1 Spotlight – UL Listed ULTRA High CRI White

Featuring 5 in 1 LED dimming options, this fixture is made for versatility and a sleek look. Its solid brass construction ensures a lifetime of durability, while the antique bronze finish will beautifully age over time.

Employee spotlights are a powerful way to show your employees that you value them and their contributions. They can also help foster a healthy culture and professional development.

1. High CRI White

High CRI white is a critical component for any strip light application that demands true colors. With a CRI of over 90, our UL Listed ULTRA High CRI series is able to provide stunningly accurate lighting that mimics the quality of natural sunlight. This makes them perfect for coves, stairwells, and any location that requires true color presentation.

The ULTRA High CRI LED strip lights also feature a near-perfect TV lighting color index of 99 so any colors illuminated will be perfectly saturated and unmuted. The central point of 5 in 1 spotlight the strip features 8 x 3-Watt CREE LEDs for high CRI white illumination, with 4 x 3-Watt CREE UV LEDs on either side that create a classic blacklight effect.

A short press of the remote controls the color changing mode or one of the six constant colors can be locked to stay on at all times. Energy efficient, low maintenance, grid-independent solar powered and easy to install, this 5 in 1 spotlight is a great solution for your pool, garden and water play areas, or even outdoor or underwater landscape decorations.

2. Saturated Color

When a color has high saturation, it contains little white light and appears brighter and purer. Conversely, less-saturated colors appear softer and closer to gray.

Saturation can be adjusted in many photo editing applications and software programs, as well as in a number of professional lighting consoles that include color mixing controls. However, it’s important to understand how a color’s saturation can change its hue and the effect of changing that saturation on different portions of an image.

To illustrate, the image below shows a gradient from a Granger Chart with different pixel values of saturation mapped in Photoshop’s Color Picker. Notice that as the colors move downward from the center, they gradually contain less white light and become more black. Yet as the colors become darker, their saturation value does not decrease accordingly. This is because dark colors are not a pure spectral hue with one wavelength; they must be a mixture of two or more wavelengths to be fully saturated. This is why dark colors often appear more over-saturated than lighter ones.

4. Tungsten

Tungsten is a metallic element that is incredibly dense and very heavy. It also has a very high melting and boiling point which makes it extremely hard. Because of these extreme characteristics, tungsten is mixed with carbon to create an exceptionally strong and resistant material called tungsten carbide which is used in cutting tools for metalworking, drilling for oil and gas and mining.

Tungsten was first discovered in 1779 by Peter Woulfe when he noted that a new substance existed in the mineral wolframite (or tungsten or wolfram). It wasn’t until 1783 that Spanish mineralogists Juan and Fausto de Elhuyar successfully isolated the element by reduction of its acid, which was tungstic acid, originally called tungsten oxide (WO3).

The Spotlight Max has been optically and mechanically designed around the large COB light futures found in our LS 600d and LS 60x lights to take advantage of the large amount of light that can pass through the lens. This combination Offroad Led Light Bar of a larger rear lens and the tungsten optics provides a significantly lower drop-off in intensity across the field, resulting in more even illumination than traditional projector options.

5. Warm White

Illuminate your veranda or outdoor living space with this warm white 5 in 1 spotlight set. It is easy to control via the Atlas LED rotary dimmer, Novex push dimmer and Moon remote control as well as the Hamulight app (with wifi LED receiver added). This grid-independent solar powered spotlight has a built in solar panel that is separated from the lights by a 3m cord to ensure maximum sun exposure for charging. Each spotlight is equipped with 30 LEDs delivering bright Multicolour RGB performance that can be switched to constant colour or a fixed one.

*Charging and working hours may vary depending on temperature, weather conditions and the performance brightness mode selected.

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