June 15, 2024

Fabric Lightboxes

Fabric lightboxes are backlit displays that are ideal for promoting a visual or campaign image(s). Printed on premium backlit fabric the LED lighting illuminates the graphics from all sides.

Compared to traditional frames, SEG fabric light boxes are easy to install and break down for storage. They are also more affordable than other illuminated signage.


Fabric SEG light boxes are a great way to show your products in a unique and eye-catching fashion. The bright LED lighting makes them stand out from other displays, and the vibrant colors can grab the attention of passersby. They are also ideal for retail environments because they can highlight a specific campaign or visual. They are also a popular choice for showing celebrity or influencer images in stores like Sephora or Morphe.

Frameless fabric lightboxes are different from traditional light box frames because the graphics snap into place, rather than having a frame around them. To create this frameless look, the edges of the fabric print have a strip of silicone sewn around them. This tucks into the channel grooves in the edgeless lightbox profile, and allows the light to illuminate the image evenly.

The lightboxes can be wall mounted or free-standing with feet. The fabric prints are printed on a dye sublimation process, which gives the displays vivid colors and crisp brightness. The LED lights are mounted inside the frames, which eliminates the need for an additional backlighting layer and provides a more energy-efficient lighting solution.

The frameless fabric lightbox is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and set up in your store or event. They are also a cost-effective option for larger display sizes because they can be broken down into smaller sections and assembled on site.


Fabric lightboxes are available in two distinct styles, backlit or non-lit. Both offer unique benefits depending on your needs and design goals. Backlit fabric lightboxes illuminate a print from behind, enhancing and magnifying every color detail within the image. These displays are ideal for retail spaces and can be installed on walls, in kiosks or in free-standing systems.

Lightboxes with back-lit graphics also provide increased flexibility when it comes to the amount of space for creative messaging. They can be made to be single-sided, double-sided or even triple-sided. They can be fabricated in any size to be wall-mounted, hang from the ceiling or be free-standing.

When deciding on the style of lightbox you need, consider factors such as thickness and lighting requirements. These will influence the price of your display, as fabric lightboxes different models require varying amounts of LED lights to function properly.

Frameless fabric light boxes are becoming increasingly popular for their ultra-thin frames. These frames are made with a silicone strip sewn around the edges of your artwork, which is then inserted into a snap-frame extrusion to create a seamless look. These frames are ideal for retail and hospitality applications where you want to draw customers’ attention to specific product or service offerings. They are also a cost-effective option to use in ceiling mounted signage, allowing you to utilize the unused space above your shelves.


Fabric light boxes are an effective way to showcase your brand and communicate messages in a space. They can be wall-mounted, suspended from the ceiling or free-standing, depending on the location of the display. They are also versatile and can be printed to suit your company’s unique style. They are available in single- and double-sided models, allowing you to communicate your message in two directions. The structure you choose will also influence the brightness of your backlit graphic, which can have a significant impact on the effect your display has on its audience.

SEG fabric lightboxes illuminate backlit graphics with perimeter LED lighting that’s powerful and energy-efficient (only 8-15 watts per LED light bar). They do not require a separate power supply box like traditional/bulkier lightboxes, making them a cost-effective solution.

Unlike traditional lightboxes, frameless fabric light boxes are sewn along the edges with a strip of silicone. The strip tucks into the channel of the fabric light box profile, providing a streamlined look and eliminating the need for an acrylic diffusion panel. This frame design also ensures that illumination is dispersed evenly, no matter the size of your print.

Fabric lightboxes are ideal for displaying artwork, photographs and messaging in retail spaces, trade show booths and offices. They are a great way to attract attention and boost sales. They are also easy to assemble and the graphics are easily replaceable.


Fabric light boxes feature backlit graphics printed on fabric and inserted into an aluminum frame. They are designed to use perimeter LED lighting to illuminate the fabric graphic and offer a modern frameless look. They are ideal for retail displays, showrooms and exhibitions.

They’re also great for company lobbies and health & medical facilities, where backlit led poster frame light box they can be used to highlight new products, services or promotions. Printed with high-resolution images, these backlit displays can be seen from a long distance and provide vivid colors that attract the attention of passersby.

Choosing the right fabric for your lightbox display is crucial to its success. Look for a fabric that is flame retardant and B1 certified, ensuring it can be safely used in public spaces. It is also important to select a fabric that is suitable for backlit printing, as different fabrics can produce varying results.

The fabric used in these display systems is often a tightly knitted or woven polyester that’s designed specifically for backlit printing. The fabric is dense and has a slight sheen that helps to diffuse the LED lights, which creates a uniformly illuminated display without hot spots or shadows.

The fabric also features sewn-in silicone edging, which allows the graphic to be quickly inserted into the backlit SEG frame. The silicone strips help to keep the fabric taut and prevent wrinkles.

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