June 15, 2024

LED Follow Spot Lights

A Follow spot is a manually operated moving light that is used to highlight performers. They are typically used in musicals and other presentational productions.

These lights use carbon arc lamps to produce an intense beam. They are also commonly used in movie lighting. They require regular maintenance. LED followspots offer Led Follow spot lights more control options and are easier to operate.


Follow spot lights are a necessary component in any theatre, arena or concert hall show. They are used to highlight performers and presenters with a tight beam of light, drawing the audience’s attention to their actions. These spotlights are also used to draw focus to scenic elements and create a visually engaging performance for the audience. Our LED follow spot lights are designed with a range of features that allow them to meet the needs of any production.

The LED Followspot 120ST is a powerful, compact LED follow spot that emits a tight beam powered by a bright 120 W LED in cool white to illuminate actors at far distances. Its built in CTO filter lowers color temperature to match tungsten lamps and its control options include DMX and manual modes. It simplifies professional fading with smooth LED dimming and its mechanical iris allows you to reduce the beam diameter for a more focused effect. The LED Followspot 120ST is easy to set up and tear down thanks to its included tripod stand and can be operated in a matter of seconds.

The Ushio Sai-500 is a medium-throw LED follow spot with a powerful daylight white beam and high CRI or true white color. Its 5800K color temperature shows costumes and backdrops as they were intended to be portrayed and it is ideal for houses of worship, schools and ballrooms. Its smart balance features and step-less electronic dimming make this a versatile and durable instrument that will last for years to come.


Follow spot lights are operated by a spotlight operator (also known as Left Right LED Headlight a followspot operator) who uses a specialized stage lighting instrument to track performers’ movements during a live performance. The operators can adjust the size, beam width, color, and intensity of the light using a series of controls. The most common type of follow spot is a high-intensity discharge lamp with mechanical dimming shutters. Other types of follow spots use traditional tungsten halogen lamps, and some are powered by automated systems that can track and aim specific performers or areas of the stage.

Spotlight operators often use a special cue alignment tool called a Telrad to help them find their marks faster, especially for tight pick up cues. The device is similar to a telescope’s finderscope, and it helps the operator avoid getting too close to the target while still providing enough precision for the spotlight to hit its mark. Some professional theatres, arenas, amphitheaters, and coliseums offer these devices for their spotlight operators. They can also be found at most rental companies that provide equipment for theatrical performances.

Follow spot operation is a skill that takes time to master, and it requires good reflexes and observation skills. The operation of these lights can be challenging, especially for newcomers to the field, but it can also be an exciting and rewarding career. The ability to accurately track the movement of a performer can enhance any production and create a visually captivating show for audiences.


Follow spot lights are used to highlight actors or other subjects with a tight beam of light. They are typically controlled by an operator and can be used to pick up a subject from any position on stage. They are often used to illuminate subjects that would be difficult to spotlight otherwise, like a speaker from the back of the room or a performer in the far corner of the stage.

These types of followspots are easy to operate and are often the best choice for venues that want a quick and simple setup. They are often very small and compact so they can fit in a lot of places without taking up too much space. They also tend to be very lightweight and are easy for one person to handle.

They can be used in a variety of ways including manual control using a remote and with DMX control. With DMX mode, the dimmer can be set to a specific starting address which restricts the access of certain channels. The light can also be set to change color or run through a series of preset professional automated programs. The LED follow spot can be controlled from a computer or a lighting console and is easily compatible with most equipment. It also comes with a sturdy tripod that makes it easy to set up and tear down.

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