June 15, 2024

LED Follow Spot Lights

Followspot lights are a critical part of any theater or live performance. They are used to highlight a performer with a beam of light and require an experienced followspot operator.

This Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST is small, light and portable. Setup takes seconds and operation is smooth. It also features a built in CTO filter that lowers color temperature to match tungsten lamps.


Following a performer with a spotlight is important to creating a great visual experience for your audience. This type of stage lighting is a critical part of any performance whether it’s in the theatre, arena, or high school auditorium. We offer a wide variety of LED follow spot lights with features that will help you create the perfect look for your production.

Powerful LED technology allows our follow spot lights to provide bright, clear light that is easier and safer to handle than traditional incandescent models. They also use less power and emit far less heat, which reduces the risk of overheating and allows the lights to operate longer. These lights are ideal for any application where manual control of a lighting beam is required to follow a performer and to vary the beam size, quality and color.

Follow spots come in a range of sizes and power outputs to suit any venue or budget. Most are designed to be operated from a console via DMX, but many also offer local controls for stand-alone on/off switching and adjusting of beam shape, intensity or color. Some also include framing shutters that let you manually control the size of the beam. Other features include iris and Led Follow spot lights focus controls, color selection, strobe options and a built-in follow function. Some even have slots for gel colors and frost.


A powerful follow spot can illuminate and focus the audience’s attention on a specific actor or prop. This type of spotlight uses a lens system and mechanical shutter to direct a beam of light that follows a person or object in the theater. Unlike traditional theater spotlights that can be quite bulky and heavy, these LED follow spots are lighter and more flexible.

The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST is a smaller, brighter option to consider when you’re looking for a follow spot to add to your performance setup. This portable, LED-powered fixture emits a tight beam powered by a bright 120W LED to highlight actors at far distances, and a built-in CTO filter lowers color temperature to match tungsten lights. Control options include DMX and manual modes to simplify professional fading, and a mechanical iris reduces the beam’s diameter.

This LED follow spot utilizes an all-aluminum alloy material that makes it small in size, light in weight and high in brightness. It also features a high-power fan cooling system that keeps it safe from overheating and allows for long operation. The lamp structure consists of twelve 8mm thick cooper tubes for heat conduction, and it has a large area of aluminum fins to help with heat dissipation. It’s easy to use and requires no maintenance, making it a perfect choice for stage, theater, film and television and gymnasiums.


A follow spot is a powerful lighting device used to highlight actors and props on stage using a tight beam of light. They are often mounted on a tripod and have a number of mechanisms that allow them to be used in a variety of ways to create different effects. Designed to be easy to use and portable, these lights are ideal for professional and amateur theaters and can even be found in schools and community venues.

Our selection of follow spot LED lights are available with a wide range of features to suit any requirement. They feature manual zoom, 5 or 6 dichroic colors plus white and mechanical dimming, iris and shutter controls so that you can adjust the light to match your stage needs. This allows you to produce an eye-catching show that is uniquely yours and create a visually engaging experience for the audience.

The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST is a compact LED version of the classic followspot that is designed to be small, light and portable. Its 120 W LED in Left Right LED Headlight cool white is bright enough to focus on actors at a distance and the built-in CTO filter lowers the color temperature to match tungsten fixtures. Setup and teardown takes just seconds, thanks to the included tripod, and DMX and manual control options make operation a snap.


Follow spot lights are a great way to add depth and dimension to the stage. They keep audiences focused on actors and can also be used to highlight props and scenery. They are usually mounted on a stand or tripod, and can be moved to follow actors and other objects. These spots are easy to use and can be controlled using a remote control or DMX. They are available in a variety of models and sizes to fit your needs.

Designed for use in any entertainment environment, this LED follow spot uses a 75-watt white LED to deliver a focused hard edged beam. It offers extremely fast electronic strobe operation with no moving parts for silent operation. It provides LED dimming between 0 and 100% for smooth professional fading, and features a mechanical iris for precise lens adjustment. The fixture can be used in sound activated, manual, or master/slave modes, and it comes with a sturdy tripod stand.

CHAUVET’s Follow Spot family includes an award-winning LED retrofit for the Best Boy HP that delivers the same output in a smaller footprint, minimizing seat kills and allowing you to get the perfect followspot positioned anywhere on the stage. The GroundControl system also allows you to operate the followspot from an XLR DMX controller, keeping the operator away from the luminaire. This minimizes heat generation, improves safety and efficiency, and makes it easier for you to achieve the exact shots required.

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