May 30, 2024

LED Follow Spot Lights

Have you ever been to a show where the followspot on a principle performer didn’t follow them? Or where the intensity of the beam was wrong or the edge was too sharp?

These are all common mistakes of ill-prepared or distracted follow spot operators. The key to a smooth operation is understanding what to look for.


Follow spot lights are a powerful way to draw your audience’s attention to the action on stage. They’re typically used to highlight actors and other focal points, but can also be set to change color (through the use of drop in gels) and focus in a variety of ways. Our LED follow spots are a great choice to add that extra dimension to any theatrical performance.

Smaller, lighter and cooler than traditional incandescent follow spots, the Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 120ST is a full-sized fixture that delivers power and versatility in a portable package. Setup and teardown only take a few seconds, thanks to the included tripod stand, and operation is simple. A mechanical iris and shutter allow for quick focus, while the built in CTO filter allows the color temperature to be adjusted to match tungsten lighting. Super smooth LED dimming makes professional fading a breeze, and the single gobo slot projects crisp patterns on any surface.

The Ushio Takumi-2000A is a workhorse on many soundstages across the country. This LED version offers an amazing feature set at an affordable price. It can be controlled by DMX and has manual zoom, iris, IRIS lock and shutter control. It’s the perfect addition to any Xenon follow spot rig.

Color Temperature

Our LED Follow spot lights offer a great range of colors for your next show. Whether you need a bright 60W LED source or a more compact design, we have the ideal fixture for your stage. All our follow spots are lightweight enough for one person to handle and come with a stand for easy set up.

The Ushio Sai-300 is a short and medium throw LED follow spot with a powerful daylight white beam. With a 5800K color temperature it shows costumes and backdrops as they are intended Led Follow spot lights to be portrayed. It’s compact size and low power consumption make it a perfect follow spot for theatres, schools, houses of worship and ballrooms.

The Takumi-2000A is the workhorse above sound stages around the world. It’s lightweight enough to be handled by one person and features a 6 way boomerang color changer and 100% iris closure. It’s also equipped with step-less electronic dimming for professional fading. This is a great LED follow spot for theatre, arena or concert lighting applications.


Our follow spot lights have a smooth dimming capability that lets you set the intensity of your lighting as desired. You can also change the color of the beam based on your needs. The adjustable iris and framing shutters give you additional control over the shape of the spotlight’s beam, giving you a more customizable stage show.

The LED Followspot 75ST is a portable, LED-powered followspot that uses a powerful 75-watt white light to provide a hardedged, Left Right LED Headlight focused beam. It can be used as a spot, a blinder, or a wash and is easy to set up and tear down. It has multiple dimmer, ID, and color mixing modes, as well as an adjustable iris and manual framing shutters.

It comes with a long-throw zoom and features LED technology for an outstanding output, making it the perfect option for medium-sized venues. Its dimmer has multiple curve options, including linear, halo, quadratic, and gamma 2.8. Its dimmer can be set to operate at 16bit mode, ensuring a perfectly smooth fade from 0% to 100% without any flicker or stepping.

Unlike traditional followspots, this LED version offers step-less electronic manual dimming via a conventional lever and a wide range of modes. It also has a master/slave mode and a strobe mode. This allows the operator to create a unique show by using different combinations of colors and effects.

Onboard DMX Control

The FS-x350 LED Follow spot features easy to operate manual controls that allow for precise adjustment of the iris, dimmer and stroboscope. This includes a set of manual faders for adjusting the intensity, allowing you to create the perfect effect for Rock music or lend an air of romance to classic ballads. This powerful followspot also provides excellent LED cooling through a forced, active heat dissipation system with an effective double labyrinth design and a series of temperature sensors to ensure that the fixtures lifespan is not compromised by early deterioration due to excessively high temperatures.

Another great feature of this fixture is its onboard DMX control capabilities. This allows you to use your main board to control the color, intensity and onboard strobe effect – all while leaving the spotlight operators free to focus solely on tracking performers and pulling off perfectly timed transitions.

The ADJ FS600LED is a modern LED follow spot that is ideal for worship services, stage performances, and live video streaming. It features a bright 60W LED source, 8 colors, variable strobe speed and dimming capabilities, an adjustable iris, and shutters for manual framing. It stays cool and consumes only 80W of power at maximum use. It also has 3- and 5-pin DMX input and output, a gel frame holder and a stand.

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