May 30, 2024

LED Wash Lights With DMX Control

If your carwash is stuck in the Dark Ages, it’s time to bring it into the modern world with LED lighting. Using wash lights to illuminate the perimeter, vacuum bays and wash areas can attract new customers and brighten your reputation for being safe to visit at night.

LEDs also use far less energy, and the energy cost savings can be substantial. Read on to discover some of the key features of Led wash lights.

DMX Control

If you need a little more programmability from your LED wash lights, DMX control can be the answer. DMX is the standard protocol that controls intelligent lighting systems, allowing you to assign specific attributes of your lights such as colours, dimming and effects. You can even control lights that use MIDI inputs and create custom RGB programming with ease, giving you total control over your LEDs.

There are many benefits to using a DMX system, the most important of which is that if you have a large number of LEDs, you can create a single controller that can manage them all. Each fixture has a specific DMX address that it can be set to, and each LED system will react the same way every time the same channel is sent to it.

To achieve this, your DMX system must include a decoder or driver that receives the DMX signals and converts them into something that the LEDs can understand. This decoder or driver can be a standalone unit or part of a larger control panel used to control lights live, such as you might see at a music event or similar.

Once your decoder is in place, you need a controller to tell it what to do. This can be a simple rotary dial or more advanced software that lets you program your show from start to finish.

Colour Mixing

Unlike the more traditional moving lights that use incandescent, gaseous discharge or arc bulbs that provide a fixed set of colors, LED wash light fixtures have a much greater range of color options available to them. They have the ability to create Led wash lights a wide variety of colors by mixing in different amounts of red, green and blue LEDs. This allows for the creation of a range of pastel colors that would not be possible to achieve with gels on conventional wash or stage lights.

Some LED lighting fixtures also incorporate white LEDs, referred to as RGBW, into the mix. This allows for the creation of brighter pastels that would not be achievable with just RGB LEDs. These are a great way to add some punch to your show while still maintaining the quality of your light output.

As LED technology progresses, many more and more fixture manufacturers are incorporating both CMY subtractive and RGB additive colour mixing into their products. This makes them a versatile choice for both new and experienced lighting designers alike. Be sure to experiment with these features and find the perfect combination of colours for your specific needs. With the right mix of hues, you can create a stunning visual display for any live show!

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Many of the wash lights in our range have DMX connections, allowing you to connect them to your DMX lighting system and Round LED Headlight control them individually, or as part of larger groups. This enables you to create large, synchronised light shows where multiple lights produce custom effects and colours at the same time. This is a great feature for stage performances, as it helps to keep the lighting in time with the performance and conveys the theme of a song or act.

Master/slave synchronization is achieved by using edge-triggered flip-flops in a master–slave configuration, where the master latch controls the slave latch’s value and the slave latch copies its own new value from the master. In this way, the master and slave units are able to maintain synchronization, even if one or the other changes the input direction of the DMX signal.

Wash lights are not to be confused with beam lights, which are designed to produce a tight beam of light, often with higher intensity, aimed at creating dramatic effect and highlighting specific areas or objects. In contrast, wash lights provide broad, diffused illumination over a large area, which is ideal for setting the mood or lighting backgrounds. They are also used in theatre productions and events to bathe specific areas in a colour to match the theme of a show.

Wireless Uplighters

The ability to use wash lights without being tied down to an external power socket makes them perfect for events in venues with limited space or locations where mains plugs are not available. Many of our LED wash lights have integrated rechargeable batteries that provide run times up to 20 hours and can be remotely controlled via W-DMX, IR remote or DMX.

This means that you can have them uplighting the walls of your venue, illuminating features such as columns or arches or bathing dancefloor areas with a wash of colour. They also make a fantastic addition to your stage lighting, providing a dramatic backdrop for performers and creating a stunning atmosphere that will get guests dancing.

Wash lights differ from beam fixtures in that they are designed to bathe large areas of a room with soft diffused light, ideal for setting the mood and ambience. Beam fixtures have a narrower beam of light and can be used to spotlight particular areas or objects, which is ideal for creating dramatic effects.

The Cameo ZENIT W600 offers a range of control options in standalone, DMX and master/slave operation modes, including automated programs, color macro selection, static color configuration and CCT tuning. It also provides flicker-free operation, which is vital to avoid strobing on video cameras in television productions and to ensure that the lighting looks smooth and consistent to viewers.

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