May 30, 2024

5 in 1 Spotlight

5 in 1 spotlight: a low voltage LED driver that is designed with your lighting projects in mind.

To create a Spotlight, click the Spotlight icon in the Chrome Extension sidebar. Then, select a page to appear on. The options available will depend on the teams created for your Audience.

1. Brightness

The solar-powered spotlight produces up to 700 lumens from FIVE independent LED light heads connected in a set with 1.15m spacing. The improved solar panel is separated from the lights to allow flexibility in installation and full sun exposure.

It comes with a variety of performance brightness modes for you to choose from: high, low, SOS and red strobe. The battery will last 1.5 hours on the highest power and 4 hours on the lowest.

Fivespectt LED combines high-CRI white with saturated color, all from a single point source. Simply press and hold the button to turn it on/off and to change lighting modes. The brightness of the product can be adjusted by a 2.4Ghz remote control or mobile phone APP. The colour-changing mode can also be locked to a specific colour.

2. Color Temperature

Choosing the right color temperature is vital to ensure your space is properly lit. Color temperatures are measured in Kelvins and can range from warm (2000K – 3000K) to cool (5000K – 6500K). Lower color temperature lights tend to look yellowish while higher ones look blueish. The ideal lighting color temperature will depend on the ambiance you want to create and your personal preferences.

For example, if you’re looking to create a romantic ambiance, opt for light bulbs with a lower color temperature. On the other hand, if you’re setting up a home office or study, you’ll need bulbs with a higher color temperature to help you stay focused and avoid eye strain.

A lighting color temperature of 4000K – 5500K is the best for task-oriented areas like kitchens and garages. This temperature is close to the sun at midday and helps promote productivity by limiting digital eye strain. It’s 5 in 1 spotlight also great for general ambient lighting and can be used in residential settings. Moreover, this color temperature limits the amount of blue light that is emitted.

3. Adjustability

Achieve the perfect ambiance in your home with this adjustable spotlight. It has a sleek and modern design that will complement any decor, while also adding functionality to your space. The adjustable shade allows you to direct the light wherever you need it, which is perfect for illuminating artwork or signage. Its durable construction is made from metal and has a powder-coated espresso finish, which means it will stand up to the elements.

It is energy-efficient and grid independent with a solar panel separated from the lights by a 3m cord to allow flexibility in installation and maximum sun exposure. The product features bright multicolor RGB LED performance (Rich-Groove-Blue-Yellow-Purple) delivered by 30 LEDs across five light heads. Each color can be locked to stay on or the product can be set to automatically change through a pre-set cycle.

This integrated LED brass spotlight is specially designed for easy manual dimming. With a simple push of the button, this fixture can be dimmed in 5 stages (20% intervals) so you can easily set the lighting level based on your needs. It is easy to install and is backed by VOLT’s lifetime warranty.

4. Remote Control

Using the pre-paired remote, you can rotate, adjust and power the spotlight from up to 1,250 yards away. It’s also ONE-KEY compatible, making it easy to track via the free mobile app.

Bright multicolour RGB LED performance delivered by 30 LEDs across FIVE independent light heads (LEDs 6 each) with Offroad Led Light Bar constant colour or automatic colour-changing modes. A long press on the remote control or APP will activate a new lighting mode. A short press on the remote or APP will reset back to the default settings.

Use this to add a coloured base under containers of dyed water or beads for an elegant centerpiece that shifts through the rainbow. Or put them along the walls of your event hall to light up the room with a cascade of colours that’s constantly changing or can be locked in place. The battery lasts for up to 3 hours of presentations. It’s also quick to recharge: plug it in and it’s ready to go in as little as 1 minute. The LED bulbs have a lifespan of over 25 years.

5. Durability

When looking for an LED spotlight, you will want to be sure it is durable. This is particularly important for spotlights used in outdoor applications. This can include ponds, water features, gardens, trees, etc. The best way to judge durability is through the quality of the finish. This can be seen through the type of material and color, as well as the seals on the fixture.

The HUL-LEDWL-25W-AMB Amber LED Handheld Hunting Spotlight is designed for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who need a powerful yet portable source of light for nighttime hunting or sports activities. The light is waterproof to 1 meter and has an impact resistant housing as well as a polycarbonate lens assembly that is dust, dirt and humidity resistant.

This unit has a powerful LED light emitting 2250 lumens that is capable of penetrating fog conditions, reducing glare and increasing visibility. It uses high purity optics to produce a narrow 5deg spot beam that is ideal for target illumination. It has an efficient selector lever that allows the user to choose between high, medium and low brightness settings and a shut off switch.

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