May 30, 2024

Magnetic Light Box

Light Up Your Posters and Signs With a Magnetic Light Box

Light up posters, signage, art, photography and more with this 22×28 LED magnetic frame. This lighted sign display has an etched matrix acrylic grid that brightly highlights your artwork with low maintenance and energy running costs. The LED frame is slim, under 1.10″ thick and is suitable for wall mounting.

Easy to Change Posters

Many businesses rely on posters and signs to attract customers, but passersby often don’t stop to view them. Adding light to a poster or sign display draws attention and makes it stand out from the crowd, so that passersby are more likely to notice your message.

Poster light boxes are great for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, night clubs and take-away outlets to promote your product or service. Magnetic Light Box These backlit frames are also used in retail shops, supermarkets, chain stores, airports, cafe stores and other indoor commercial premises.

Our illuminated light box displays are designed to make an eye-catching visual impact with a stylish and contemporary look. They come in hundreds of frame profiles, colors and finishes to complement any decor. In addition to the standard picture frame finishes, our SwingFrame backlit and LED lightboxes offer wood and metal design styles you won’t find anywhere else.

The patented lightbox hinged frame system swings open, making it easy to swap out posters and signage without removing the display from its wall mount. The break-resistant acrylic window is held securely in place by the metal frame, so that posters and graphics stay safe from theft and weathering. The lightboxes are powered by environmentally friendly 12V LED illumination. This is a more energy-efficient lighting option than traditional fluorescent bulbs, reducing your power consumption and maintenance costs.

Easy to Clean

The front panel is magnetic, so it’s a snap to remove and replace your posters or graphics, then effortlessly reattach them to the light box. This hassle-free process is a perfect fit for businesses that frequently change their visuals. Plus, this LED light box consumes less energy than traditional light boxes, saving you on operational costs. It also comes with push-on LED puck lights that are a simple solution for lighting your display. They are available in a variety of color options for your convenience.

Easy to Mount

Magnetic light boxes are an excellent solution for those looking to mount track lighting in a room without the hassle of drilling into walls or ceilings. These systems use magnetic linear tracks that are easy to install, and they can be moved around at will. These light boxes are ideal for any type of business, from restaurants to offices. They can be easily installed in a room with a wall or ceiling, and they can also be used to create custom lighting arrangements.

The magnetic light box can be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling using a hanger, and it is very lightweight. It can also be made in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different space requirements. The light box also comes with a magnetic strip that secures graphics in place, and it can be easily replaced if necessary. It also has a hard, clear acrylic front cover that protects the posters from scratches and grime.

If you are an artist or designer who works on-site, a portable lightbox is an essential tool for your workspace. These lights come with rechargeable batteries and adjustable brightness settings, so you can work wherever you want without worrying about power outlets. They also eliminate the need for tangled cords, providing a clean and organized workspace.

Easy to Store

Our illuminated sign frame is perfect for restaurants, retail environments, and upscale interior spaces. Its sleek front cover creates a modern look, and the etched matrix acrylic grid evenly illuminates the display. It also has a low power consumption, making it a more energy efficient choice than traditional fluorescent light boxes.

The light box is easy to store and requires no tools or assembly. It also allows you to capture high-quality product photos without having to spend a lot of money on an expensive photo studio setup. Simply use the included strong magnet pins to secure your image on the pad, and then set it in the light box with the dimmer and switch at the touch of a button. Its LED lighting haojialightbox LED light box system makes it easy to control your images’ brightness, and its three light diffusers reduce any shadows that might appear in your final shots.

To make your own lightbox even easier to store, try using a large bin from a storage warehouse (affiliate link). You can also purchase a plastic container at Walmart that could work. You can also make the top of your light box frosted by using glass frost spray paint. It’s available in the home improvement section of wal mart. This will give your bin a cool, glowing effect, while keeping your supplies safe and organized.

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