May 30, 2024

LED Follow Spotlights

Spotlights are a crucial part of any theatrical lighting setup. They can be used for everything from highlighting singers to lighting dancers.

These fixtures come with many different specifications, making it hard to choose the right one for your needs. To narrow down your search, consider looking at specs like center beam candle power (CBCP) or foot-candles rather than wattage.


The brightness of a follow spotlight can be an important factor to consider when choosing one. This is because the purpose of a follow spotlight is to highlight a particular character or action onstage. As such, it must be powerful enough to cut through whatever other light (if any) is present in the venue or theater space.

In order to determine how bright a followspot will be, look at the center beam candle power (CBCP) or foot-candle (lm/ft2) specifications. This is because different bulbs used in lighting system fixtures (including PAR cans, Fresnels, and ellipsoidals) have varying wattages. Using the wrong bulb type can cause problems and can be dangerous to the spot operator.

Additionally, many follow spot lights come with iris and gobo features that allow the user to shape the light beam. This can help create a unique visual element for the show and enhance the performance of the actor or performer. The iris feature allows the user to adjust the size of the beam and quickly enlarge or shrink it as needed. Also, the gobo feature allows the user to insert gobos that can be projected on the stage.


Changing the brightness of LED lights provides more control and customization. It can help reduce glare and eye Led Follow spot lights strain, making it easier to work in areas with high concentration tasks. It can also provide a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. It can also be used to create pre-set lighting scenes to suit different activities or times of day.

When selecting a dimmer for your LED lights, consider the following factors:

Buzzing or humming is noise that can occur when the LEDs are dimmed. It may be caused by incompatible or low-quality drivers or by loose wires in the circuit. This type of noise can be distracting and irritating, so it is important to choose dimmers that are designed to minimize this problem.

Another factor to consider when choosing a dimmer is the amount of distortion it produces. A dimmer with high harmonic distortion (THD) can produce more interference and cause flicker in the LEDs. A THD of less than 20 percent is recommended.

The Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST is a portable, LED-powered spot light that delivers a powerful, focused beam. It features a 75-watt white LED that produces a hard-edged beam and is easy to set up. An electronic strobe ensures silent operation and an LED dimming range of 0 to 100% allows for smooth, professional fades. The unit includes a mechanical iris and a single gobo slot for projecting patterns. It also has multiple control modes, including DMX, sound activated, manual and master/slave.

Color Temperature

Follow spot lights produce a tight beam powered by bright LEDs to highlight actors at distances. They are versatile enough to be used in educational, professional and athletic settings with control options including DMX and manual modes, plus LED smooth dimming. Some models include a built-in CTO filter to lower the color temperature and match tungsten sources.

The Ushio Sai-500 LED follow spot is a medium-throw light that emits a powerful daylight white beam. It’s ideal for theatres, houses of worship, schools and ballrooms. Its 5800K color temperature makes costumes and backdrops show Left Right LED Headlight up just as they’re meant to be portrayed. This model is lightweight, portable and easy to handle for one person.

This type of LED follow spot replaces traditional lamp follow spot, it has many advantages such as power on high brightness, easy operation, stable, no need to change the lamp and so on. It’s suitable for TV station, stage, night bar, DJ and other performance places. It equips high power import brand lamp, the brightness is more better than 3000W metal halide follow spot.


A follow spot is a powerful theater spotlight used to highlight performers and add dimension and dynamics to the stage. They use internal color changing filters and can have features like shutters, iris, dimmer and a gobo holder.

However, these lights can be quite noisy and can produce a lot of vibrations as they move. This can be annoying for the audience and can cause a lot of distracting rumble. LED followspots are quieter and less vibratory. They also produce less heat so they can be more comfortable for the audience.

LED technology has come a long way over the years, and these lights are now able to compete with traditional incandescent follow spots in brightness. They are also lighter and smaller, making them easier to transport and set up. This is especially helpful for a mobile lighting system where the spots need to be moved around on a regular basis.

The Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST is a powerful, portable follow spot that packs the performance of a full-sized follow spot into a compact, lightweight package. It can be operated manually or with a DMX control board, and its DMX integration allows you to adjust the color, intensity, and onboard strobe effect from your main lighting board. It also comes with mechanical lens controls, so you can shape the beam to your liking.

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