May 30, 2024

Italy Top 9 LED Truck Light Suppliers: Offering Reliable Lighting Solutions for Trucks

When it comes to finding top-quality LED truck lights in Italy, look no further than the following reputable suppliers. These companies are known for their exceptional products and reliable lighting solutions that cater to all types of trucks.

Welcome To Foshan Nanhai Ginto Lighting Electrical Co.,Ltd

Artemide Artemide

At Foshan Nanhai Ginto Lighting Electrical Co.,Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of high-quality LED truck lights in Italy. Our company was founded in 2005 and has since been dedicated to offering innovative lighting solutions for trucks. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of Artemide , Vistosi , Fontana Arte LED truck lights that meet ECE R23 led work light standards.


– Company Name: Artemide S.p.A.

led truck light Welcome To Foshan Nanhai Ginto Lighting Electrical Co.,Ltd

– Established: 1960

– Product Category: LED Truck Lights

– Address: Via Bergamo, 187 – 20125 Milano (MI) Italy

– Certifications: ISO9001, IS led truck light O14001

– Company Features: Known for avant-garde designs and technological innovation.

Artemide Artemide

– Contact Information:


– Company Name: Vetreria led truck light Vistosi S.r.l.

– Established: 1945

– Product Category:LED Chandelier,Ceiling Light,WALL LIGHT,PENDANT LIGHT,TABLE GTA_372151444Drafter
– Address : San Giorgio del Porto Via Torino,19 – zip code :36100 Vicenza Italia(Italy) ,Cà Rustla,A cà rustù TLEGNO,,17 – zip code ::36056 Altavilla Vicentina Vi (Tel.),37
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