July 19, 2024

Moving Head Wash LED Lights

Moving head wash lights add depth and drama to a stage show, immersing the audience in an incredible visual feast. They are widely used in music concerts, theater shows, dance performances and commercial events to create stunning effects and leave a lasting impression on audiences.

They often come with motorized zoom and focus capabilities. Some also feature gobo projection, allowing lighting designers to customize the light display.

Color Mixing

LED moving head wash lights come in a variety of colors and surface coverage, making them ideal for any type of event. They are typically used for a larger area of the stage than moving spotlights, and feature wider lenses to provide a better wash effect. They can be placed in a number of positions on the floor, allowing for an incredible array of effects and visuals.

The G-4 wash is one of the most advanced LED moving head Fresnel fixtures to date, with an astounding brightness for such a small footprint. This is thanks to the RGBAM additive mixing and accurate lenses, plus color calibration using SGM DMX Studio Mode. It also features a 9deg to 76deg zoom range, ensuring that you can get the perfect beam for your show.

In addition to the standard RGB color mixing, this fixture includes CMY color mixing and the ability to use amber and mint LEDs for extra warmth or coldness in the light. This allows you to create the perfect look for any type of event and achieve the most accurate results.

Unlike traditional wash lights, LED moving head spot lights can include a gobo wheel that uses stencils to shape the light into various patterns. This can be a fun way to add an extra touch of flair to your show, and there are hundreds of different patterns available to choose from, ranging from stars to circles and spirals.

DMX Control

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a communications protocol used for lighting, rigging, moving head led wash and other intelligent devices. It’s a digital, unidirectional system that communicates via a network of shielded cables wired in twisted pairs. It’s easy to use and is compatible with all kinds of lights and other effects, including fog machines.

The DMX control in moving head led wash lets you program your light to display a range of effects, colors and surface coverage. This is particularly useful during stage performances, as the wide lens of a wash light provides more surface coverage than a spotlight with a tighter lens. You can also use them for a variety of other events, such as weddings and corporate functions.

For larger productions, you can use a DMX controller to create a customized lighting show. Depending on the type of DMX controller you choose, you can select zones/circuit selection, dimming, color and program selection, among other features.

You can also choose a DMX splitter to separate different fixtures from one another. This allows you to change the exterior of your building or interior lighting for a big event without having to touch or move the fixtures. It’s a great tool to have in your back pocket when you need to make quick changes. Using a DMX splitter also prevents signal loss and ensures that your lighting isn’t interrupted by other fixtures in the room.

Crowd Interaction

The most impressive aspect of a light show is when the audience becomes part of the display, and LED moving head wash lights provide an excellent opportunity for crowd interaction. These lights can be set up to react to the movement of the crowd, or the energy they’re emitting. By displaying visually stunning color waves and other effects, you can transform the crowd from spectators to participants, creating a unifying feeling for everyone in attendance.

While a spot light produces a tight beam effect, a washing light has wider lenses that produce a static wash of color with smooth edges. This makes it ideal for highlighting large sections of the pro lighting stage or audience. Many of our LED wash lights also come with brackets, allowing them to be easily mounted on trusses and lighting stands.

When it comes to theatre or music performances, lighting is a crucial factor that contributes to the overall experience. The right lighting successfully depicts a theme with different colors and works hand in hand with the music or actors. Our LED wash lights can be set up to be sound responsive, which means they will pulse, change colors and move to the rhythm of the music for a synchronized lighting display that will impress your audiences. This feature can also be used to highlight specific people or objects on stage.


If you’re looking to level up your lighting game, a moving head wash light is the way to go. They produce a wide beam of light, perfect for illuminating a large area of the stage or audience. These lights also come with a variety of effects, such as gobos and prisms, so you can add some extra flair to your show.

You can use a wash LED moving head to bathe the venue in a rich palette of colors, creating immersive experiences that evoke different emotions. These fixtures are ideal for a variety of applications, from club and nightclub performances to theatrical shows and themed parties. They can even be used to project custom patterns or logos, which can improve branding opportunities for corporate events.

When shopping for a wash LED moving head, look for one that offers smooth color mixing capabilities. This will allow you to easily transition between different hues, creating a cohesive and seamless show. It’s also a good idea to find one with an adjustable color temperature setting, so you can choose between warmer or cooler lighting tones.

A good choice for lighting designers who need a versatile workhorse is the CHAUVET Professional Rogue R2X Wash. Featuring 19 RGBW 25W quad-LEDs and a motorized zoom, it delivers intense output for large venues and theatrical productions. It also boasts a number of standout features, including simple and complex DMX channel profiles and 3-pin and 5-pin DMX in and out.

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