July 19, 2024

Waterproof Neon Light Strip

Waterproof LED Strip lights are designed to achieve the look of traditional glass neon and are ideal for lighting cabinets, kitchens, TV backlights and staircases. They can also be used as a Neon sign or to light up any wall!

They can be controlled by the Govee Home app for a variety of color options and effects. The lights can also be dimmed and synced to music!

Super Bright Neon Lights

While traditional neon lights come in hand-crafted glass tubes that are often delicate and need frequent repairs, LED neon light strips offer a much more durable option for your business signage. Typically, they’re created with polymers that protect each LED from external damage. They’re also lighter and easier to handle. Plus, they’re incredibly long-lasting with their lifespans surpassing 50 years.

LED lights also use less energy than traditional lighting options. Because they don’t rely on the interaction of electricity and gas, LED lights produce light that’s several times brighter than traditional bulbs. Regardless of your preference, both options are sure to catch the eyes of customers and clients.

Neon LED lights are a great choice for movie waterproof neon light strip theaters, retail stores, bars and clubs, storefronts, architectural border lighting, and more! They’re even perfect for bringing the attention of visitors to sculptures and art pieces.

Compared to glass tube neon lights, LED flex neon light strips are more flexible and easy to form into your desired shape. They’re also shatterproof and waterproof making them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor settings. However, it’s important to know the maximum bending diameter for each light strip before purchasing. This way, you can ensure that your light strip will be able to form your preferred design. Otherwise, you’ll need to choose a different type of LED light strip.

Flexible & Waterproof

Our waterproof neon light strip is encased in food-grade silicone that makes it both flexible and safe to use indoors. It can be curved and bent into almost any shape, making it perfect for creating unique, customized lighting. You can even form it into words to add a touch of personalization to your space. This flexible LED strip lights are a great choice for any room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Our water-resistant LED strip lights are also very durable and can withstand a variety of conditions. You can safely install them in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom without worrying about moisture damage. Waterproof LED strip lights can also withstand high temperatures, so you can use them to decorate your home’s outdoor space as well.

You can easily connect our waterproof neon strip lights together using the waterproof connectors included in the package. Simply make sure that the positive and negative poles of each strip are corresponding, then close the transparent cap on the connector with pliers. You can also use a soldering iron to combine the tin of each strip and wire together. We recommend adding a layer of heat shrink tubing to protect the waterproof connectors from humidity and dirt. Once you’ve connected the waterproof LED strip lights, you can control their colors and effects using the Govee Home App or voice-control them with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Cuttable & Dimmable

LED Neon Flex is an innovative lighting solution that emulates the look of a traditional glass neon light but offers several benefits over it, including a brighter glow, more efficient energy consumption, and the ability to cut it to your own length. With this flexibility you can create a truly bespoke lighting effect without the high costs associated with custom made neon lights.

This flexible lighting strip can be cut easily to your desired length using a sharp blade, although care must be taken when cutting the flex to avoid damaging internal wires. The flex is typically marked Customized cartoon character neon lights with copper ovals on the silicone housing to show where it is safe to cut. If you are unsure about how to safely cut your neon strip it is recommended that you consult a professional lighting engineer as it is vital to minimise the risk of damage.

Once you have cut your LED neon strip, it is important that you use a power end cap to protect the exposed circuit and create a waterproof seal. These can be purchased from your LED neon supplier. Once these are in place, the remaining section of flex can then be soldered back together and reconnected to power. This will ensure that the flex is fully functional and ready for use. The LED neon strip will then need to be positioned and fixed, either with a set of mounting clips or simply glued to the wall to create your desired lighting effect.

Safe for Kids & Adults

Unlike traditional neon lights, this LED strip is safe for children and adults to touch. This is because it uses a low-voltage power system that emits minimal heat. It also comes with a protective silicone wrap that makes it even more durable.

While many people may like the look of neon lights, they can be dangerous for infants and young children. This is because the glass structure can break easily, and the high voltages can cause injuries. Furthermore, neon lights can be too bright and overwhelming for infants, which can have a negative effect on their growth and development.

Using LED lights instead of traditional ones is a safer and more effective solution to get the same vibrant and creative look in your home. They do not use heated glass, which means they are less prone to breaking and don’t generate as much heat. Furthermore, they are also safer for children as they do not contain inert gas.

As long as you keep the ends of cut strips capped and sealed, and any extraneous wires properly disposed of, these LED lights are child safe. Similarly, the dimmer on this strip is also easy to access and use, so you can control your lighting to fit any occasion or mood. This makes them a great choice for a variety of applications, including bedroom decoration, party, shopping malls decorations, and more.

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