July 19, 2024

Neon Strip Company

Neon LED strip lights offer the look and feel of traditional neon light without the problems of broken glass, buzzing, flickering, and overheating. These flexible, shatterproof lighting products are easy to handle and install and consume significantly less energy than traditional neon.

But which product is right for your needs? The addressable LED neon strip or the RGB LED neon strip?

Flexible LED Neon Strip Lights

LED neon strip lights offer a modern, flexible alternative to traditional glass tube neon lighting. The energy efficient LEDs are more durable and last longer than their glass counterparts, reducing replacement costs. These neon LED strips can be cut to any length, allowing you to customize the look of your space for every occasion.

The LED neon strip lights are also available in color-changing RGB, providing a Neon Strip Company more dynamic and versatile light effect. The strip can be controlled with a remote control, giving you complete flexibility for your lighting mood. The LED neon rope lights are also available in a 24V version, which typically has less voltage drop over long runs.

In my testing I powered the Govee 12V strip with a power supply and Shelly controller. I found that on full brightness white it consumed 76 watts, producing 57 lumens. I also measured the standby power consumption with no lights on, finding it to be around 11 watts.

Another excellent option is the BTF Lighting strip, which is also 12V. This strip is addressable, meaning each LED can be controlled individually and the whole strip can change colors and perform dynamic chasing patterns. In my tests I powered this strip with a 12V, 10A power supply and the Shelly RGBW2 Wi-Fi LED controller. I found that on full brightness white, the strip consumed 39 watts and produced 260 lumens.

Neon Lights

Neon strip lights, also known as LED neon flex or LED rope lights, replicate the visual effect of traditional neon lighting using flexible LED technology. They typically have an outer casing that provides flexibility for bending and protects the inner LEDs from moisture, dust and other environmental hazards. They are available in various lengths and a variety of colors, and they may have multiple control options such as an app, voice commands or an on/off switch.

Unlike traditional cold cathode gas-discharge neon tubes, which run on high voltages and need specialized installation expertise, LED neon strips are safer for home use and are cooler to the touch. They are also often more durable and require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts.

Many of these lighting products are encapsulated in silicone or some other transparent material to enhance their durability and performance. In some cases, they undergo resin filling to add color and a more unique appearance.

Use LED neon strips to illuminate a wall with your favorite saying, spell out words or phrases in a stairwell or foyer, or use them as accent lighting for windows and doors. They’re also a great choice for creating decorative lighting around fireplaces, in coves, and other architectural features. Some of them are even waterproof and designed for marine applications.

Neon Signs

Whether you’re looking to light up your own home or create a memorable ambiance for an event, neon lights offer an exceptional glow that elevates any living space. These versatile accessories come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit any design style. You can even add custom text to make your sign truly unique. Neon signs are also an excellent gift idea, as they are sure to impress any recipient.

While traditional neon glass signs require a professional “bender” to create, LED neon flex signs are much easier to produce and cost less to operate. They’re also safer, as they don’t heat up and aren’t a fire hazard. Additionally, LED signs use less energy than fluorescent bulbs, making them an environmentally friendly choice for any business.

LED Neon signs are available in a variety of styles, from classic, curved fonts to modern, stylized designs. They are also available in a range of colors, from vibrant reds and blues to softer greens and pinks. You can also choose a fading effect to create the look of real neon lighting.

Custom neon flex signs are easy to design and preview with an online custom designing tool. The design process is Custom neon indoor billboard quick and simple, and you can select a backboard from several stylish options, including clear, glossy white, or gloss black acrylic. You can also customize the color and size of your sign to make it unique.

Neon Signage

Personalized neon signs are an affordable way to attract customers and promote your brand. The cost of a custom sign can vary based on the type of neon you choose, the color options, and the backing material. Backboards are available in a variety of styles, including cut-to-letter, square, and box backboards. The type of backboard you choose can significantly impact the overall look of your sign. Acrylic and mirror backboards are popular choices for a sleek and stylish look. The type of gas used and phosphor coating can also add to the final cost of your sign.

Flexible LED neon strip lights provide a shatterproof alternative to glass neon lighting. They are shatterproof, watertight, and have no hotspots, making them a safe choice for indoor and outdoor use. They are also more durable and energy-efficient than traditional neon lights. These versatile lighting solutions can be bent into a variety of shapes, and are commonly installed in movie theaters, bars, and retail stores to attract customers and showcase their brand. They can also be used to light storefronts, window trims, and interior coves.

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