July 19, 2024

Curved Neon Strip With Top

LED neon flex strips are becoming a popular alternative to traditional glass neon lighting. They offer a bright, colorful illumination and can be shaped to fit your design.

The main difference between a top and side bend is the positioning of the lightbulb on the strip. This can change the look of your flex tape and how it bends.

Color Change

The color change feature of LED neon lights is an excellent way to add a dramatic flair to your home or commercial space. This technology allows you to create a unique lighting effect that suits any mood or occasion. The color change feature is particularly popular in restaurants and bars, where it is used to highlight food and drinks. It is also a great option for creating a custom-designed lighting display that will grab the attention of customers.

LED neon strip lights are a modern take on traditional lighting. They are available in a wide range of colors and can be programmed to change on their own or with the help of a lighting controller. They are also extremely energy efficient, using a fraction of the power that traditional lights do. This is a major advantage for businesses that need to reduce their energy costs while maintaining the same lighting quality.

Neon strip lights are a great choice for outdoor spaces, as they can be easily installed on the side of buildings or in trees. They come in both single-color and RGB options, with the latter providing a full spectrum of colors. They are also more durable than traditional lighting, as they do not require any dangerous gases or high-voltage circuitry. This means they can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for use outdoors.


LED neon strips offer a modern take on traditional lighting, providing an energy-efficient alternative that requires less maintenance. They are also durable and emit minimal heat, making them safe to use in a variety of settings. These lights can be used to enhance decorative displays or highlight architectural features. They are available in a wide range of colors and brightness options to match any style or mood. The key to choosing the right LED neon strip is understanding your needs and finding the right lighting solution for your space.

Whether you are looking for an elegant display in a hotel or a bold sign for your bar, LED neon strip lights can add an eye-catching flair to any venue. They are a popular choice Curved neon strip with top for movie theaters and retail stores, where they can create an inviting atmosphere while adding character. LED neon lights are also a great option for restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Compared to traditional glass neon tubes, LED strips consume much less power and are more flexible. They are also easy to control with handheld, home automation, or DMX controllers. They can be installed in a wide variety of applications, including wall signs, awnings, and landscape lighting. They are also available in a variety of lengths, so you can customize your lighting to fit your space.


The waterproof feature of LED neon strips makes them ideal for use in outdoor applications. They can be used as accent lighting for patios, walkways, and other outdoor spaces. They can also be used for illuminating signs and other architectural features. These lights are also energy-efficient, consuming less power than their glass counterparts. Unlike traditional neon lights, they do not emit toxic gases or require dangerous high voltage power supplies.

The luminous intensity of this flexible LED strip light is uniform, harmany and soft, making it an excellent option for any application. It can also be viewed directly without the need for a diffuser. In addition, it is resistant to a wide range of conditions, including UV and saltwater.

Top-emitting LED Neon Flex strips illuminate from the top of their silicon housing and bend only on a vertical axis. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are suitable for wrapping rooms, walls, and architectural features. They are available in a variety of colors, including single color, tunable white, and RGB/RGBW.

When bending these flexible LEDs, make sure to follow their natural curve and not force them past the point of damage. Overbending or folding can cause internal wires to pull out of the tube, which can result in a short circuit. To avoid this, you should cut the strip with a sharp blade and always use the recommended mounting clips.


Neon LED strip lights are a popular alternative to traditional glass neon lighting, and they can be used to create a wide variety of designs. They are shatterproof, have low energy consumption, and can be curved into various shapes to fit many applications. These strip lights also feature a high color rendering index, making them ideal for use as indoor or outdoor decorative lighting.

LED Neon Flex is easy to install and comes with a male and female power pin, an end cap, and a power cable. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when connecting the LED strips. You can find this information in the user manual or online. It is also important to use a power supply with the appropriate voltage rating.

While it is common to see LED tape shaped and bent in all kinds of ways, it is important to bend them with care. These light tapes are designed to be flexible, but they should not be forced to bend past their natural diameter. It is also important to avoid bending the tape back on itself or twisting it, as this can damage the lighting components.

When shaping LED neon flex tape, you should use pliers to Neon light strip manufacturer hold the end of the strip with the exposed pins in the center. Then, you should position the male power pin ends so that they align with the exposed wires on the cut end of the strip. After the male and female pins are connected, you can use heat shrink tubing to seal the connection joints.

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