July 19, 2024

Upgrade Your Branding With a Fabric Light Board

Backlit fabric is a popular and effective way to showcase printed graphics, photos and messages. SpeedPro’s nationwide network of studios can help you upgrade your branding with a variety of backlit fabric products.

Fabric light box displays offer a sleek and modern look with high-quality content that’s easy to read. They feature aluminum extrusion frames with push-fit SEG fabric graphics, pre-attached LED edge lighting and swivel lock feet for stability.

Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes are a modern and effective way to display graphics, photos, or messages. They can be customized to meet your needs and are available in a variety of sizes. You can also choose from different fabrics, textures, and translucency levels. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and lightweight. This makes them a perfect choice for trade shows and events.

These light boxes are made of aluminum frames that support high-resolution backlit fabric graphics. They can be used in airports, malls, offices, and other indoor spaces. They can even be wall-mounted or hung on the ceiling, depending on your preference.

The frames are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for use in any indoor space. They can also be repositioned easily by pulling on a small tab. The hardware is designed with a channel groove that allows the graphic to fit snugly into it, ensuring that it does not fall off or become loose.

The fabric can be easily changed, which is useful for displaying new promotions and changing the interior design. This type of light box is more flexible and cost-effective than traditional frames or backlit banners. It also uses less energy than other forms of advertising, and the LED lighting lasts thousands of hours. In addition, the LED lightbox is easy to assemble and transport.

Fabric SEG Light Boxes

Fabric SEG light boxes are a modern and effective way to showcase graphics, photographs, and messages in a retail setting. They offer a contemporary and minimalist frame that is able to illuminate backlit fabric graphics in ways other LED-lit displays can’t. These light fabric light board boxes are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a great choice for a variety of applications.

The LED lighting used in these light boxes creates a bright, crisp display that illuminates inspired color and rich blacks. The lights can be placed along the perimeter for edge lighting or, as with some newer options, throughout the extrusion using a “ladder lighting” technique. These lights can also be programmable for unique lighting effects.

These types of light box frames are most commonly used in retail settings to draw attention to products, promotions, and messaging in a storefront or shopping mall. They can be used to drive foot traffic, highlight a seasonal product campaign, or showcase the latest celebrity or influencer endorsements.

Designed for easy installation, these lightboxes are available as a single or double-sided solution with either single or double-sided dye sublimated fabric prints. The LED light strips are built into the extrusion for a sleek and bezel-free appearance, and they include a power supply within each segment to simplify installation requirements. This type of lightbox is a great option for customers looking to make a bold, high-impact impact with a changeable graphic without the need for professional installation.

Fabric LED Light Boxes

Fabric LED light boxes add illuminated graphics to trade show booths, retail environments and other marketing spaces. These lightboxes assemble easily, and the backlit graphics are simple to replace. These lightboxes are perfect for businesses looking to create a high-impact, visually stimulating display that grabs the attention of passersby.

Fabric lightboxes are the latest visual display trend for bold graphics that capture the eye. They are lightweight, easy to transport and come in a variety of sizes. They are popular with customers in a variety of industries, including healthcare & retail, as they provide a clean, professional look.

They are often used for advertising, particularly in sports brand stores, airports and shopping malls. They can also be found in museums, art galleries and lobbies. They are ideal for displaying large images and messages and can be customized to fit any space or design.

Fabric Light Boxes use a non-lit frame to hold the fabric print, which is sewed around its edges with a strip that tucks into the channel of the lightbox profile. The profile is designed to disperse the light evenly across the entire graphic. This type of fabric display is a newer form of wall-mounted light box and is more energy efficient than traditional lightboxes. It is also easier to change the image and can save a lot of money in the long run.

Fabric Banner Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes are an innovative display solution that illuminates graphics, art prints, photos and messages in a contemporary way. The process is environmentally friendly and uses less power than backlit signage products. They’re used in indoor and outdoor environments for backlit branding, trade show displays, retail storefronts, kiosks, museum exhibits, art galleries and more. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are easy to set up.

The SEG frame system used in the Fabric LED light box is designed to support a fabric graphic that is backlit with LED edge lights. This lighting is long-lasting and provides a bright, even illumination that will showcase your images. The fabric display light box graphic is printed with a dye sublimation transfer printing method. This creates vibrant colors that will stand out in any setting and will be sure to catch the eye of passersby.

The silicone edge of the fabric panel fits into a channel grove on the aluminum frame and provides a sleek appearance. The frame is available in a number of different finishes and can be mounted to a wall or freestanding. This makes them an ideal choice for retail stores, restaurants and shopping malls that want to grab attention in a crowd. They are also useful for hotels and similar service providers that want to highlight their upscale services in their lobby areas.

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